About Ess Aar Enterprises

Industry Leader
For more than 40 years now, ESS AAR Enterprises has been recognized as an innovator and pioneer in manufacturing of Electro Magnetic Power Relays, Rotary Switches, Railway Components and Soldering Wire.The company’s comprehensive product line meets a wide range of switching solutions for different applications. We are a well renowned Government and Railways supplier of India.Our motto has been to strive toward excellence by building our working principles into everything we deliver, and into how we work as a company.

Product Assurance
Believing firmly in an aggressive approach using, Total Quality Management (TQM) program, ESS AAR Enterprises has embraced a “continuous improvement” culture. Our TQM program starts with the customer program and extends to every level of the company. ESS AAR Enterprises has and will continue to make significant strides towards improving processes and servicing all customers, both internally and externally. We at ESS AAR Enterprises listen to our customers and offer them choice and flexibility, helping them fulfill their needs.

Product Development
We are proud of our customer-intimate spirit that has sustained our company, and is the basis of its core foundation, since the beginning. ESS AAR Enterprises constantly interacts with its customers and new parties to understand and determine their next-generation requirements. Our company also keenly welcomes their recommendations so that we can strive to better our services to our customers.

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